Friday, September 19, 2014

New Stuff Dropping!


The new fall season is starting up next week,which means Gotham is starting it's run.  I am so looking forward to that one.  It looks like it's going to good to me based on the previews and they have a good cast lined up (Ben McKenzie as a young Jim Gordan and Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock).  We going to get young versions of Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Penguin, Riddler, and Poison Ivy and there's going to be a sort of guessing game throughout the series as to what citizen of the city will end up being the Joker.  But that's not the only thing going on:

  • Arrow returns in October, and the Flash will be debuting the same week.  Arrow has been excellent, and the Flash is from the same crew so expect good things.  They've already cast familiar Flash villains Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang, and we know Killer Frost will be coming along with possibly Grodd.  On Arrow, Roy Harper will be suiting up as Arsenal, the Atom will be showing up and Ra's Al Ghul will be the main villain after being name dropped during the second season.   Arrow ended with a bang last season, and should continue it's run this coming season.  There's also Constantine coming this fall; I'm admittedly not a Constantine guy.  I got nothing against the character or anything, I just never really got into it.  But plenty of other people love it, so I hope the series works for them.
  • On the Marvel side Agents of Shield returns; we're going to get at least one Marvel regular Mockingbird, to team with the Agents this season, which should help shore up the show's biggest weak spot, the lack of Marvel comic regulars.  I personally didn't have an issue with that, but too many people were expecting it despite creator Joss Whedon's warning that Iron Man, etc wouldn't be dropping in.  The Absorbing Man will be showing up as well, and Deathlok is still out there lurking after the season finale.  There are plenty of low level Marvel characters that don't warrant the big screen treatment, but would shine on television and I hope they do showcase them more.


But that's not the only news.  CBS has ordered episodes of the Supergirl series that was rumored to be in development.  This could be another coup for DC, as CBS may be looking to get its foot in the door to counter ABC/Disney, CW, and Fox.  The Supergirl comic has been very good recently, and if the follow the formula they started with Arrow (that is, doing a Batman-style show with a Batman-like character) they can make this their Superman show proxy.  There are also rumors that the Suicide Squad will be getting the big screen treatment as part of the DC film universe.  And then there's the big announcement, that Fox will be going forward with the Deadpool film, and it will hit theaters in 2016.  We don't know if they're going to bring back Ryan Reynolds, but it would be a good idea to do so.


Now all of this will of course bring back the question of whether we're reaching a saturation point.  I'm still saying no.  We're getting characters previously not seen on television or the big screen; as long as that is the case I think we're fine.  The movies aren't all going to make $700 million, but they can all be profitable with the right budgets, release schedules, etc.  The people pumping the 'peak superhero' theory tend to be those who don't like the movies anyway, or hipster entertainment writers always looking for something to call 'hot' or 'over', or professional trolls looking for clicks on their websites.  Don't mind any of them.  After all, how many police/doctor/lawyer/military/big city yuppie shows are there out there right now?  How many schlubby guy with hot girlfriend or wife shows are out there?  And yes, people do say there are too many of all of those, but Hollywood keeps on making them.  Now when we're getting to point of fourth or fifth sequels of these characters then yes, a slowdown will be in order.  But we're not there yet.  I'm not going to watch every show myself or run out to see every movie on opening weekend, but I for one am happy that I actually have more reasons to watch television and go to the movies.  As long as the material is good, I'm good.

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