Monday, April 21, 2014

What's next for Arrow and Agents of SHIELD?

Warning: Spoilers below!

We have only a few episodes left in each show, as the season is wrapping up.  What's going to happen?  Who's making it to next season (assuming Agents get one), and which actors/actresses will be moving on to other projects now that their services are no longer needed on their respective shows?  Events are literally unfolding at a breakneck pace for both shows, and the tables have been overturned, broken in half, and scattered all over the room to such an extent that we'll still be looking for the pieces after the season finales.  What do I think could be in store?  Let's see:

As of right now, we have Deathstroke ready to manufacture an army of super soldiers pumped up on Mirakuru to wreak havoc all over the place.  Isabella, who just got capped by Diggle, was given a dosage herself so we're going to have a female version of Slade Wilson to contend with alongside the original.  Roy Harper is going to be on a rampage next week; he's still pumped full of Mirakuru and is pissed off over how Oliie has 'advised' him the past few weeks.  Laurel figured out the Sarah is Black Canary after Slade told her about Ollie being the Arrow.  And the Queen family is in danger of going broke, unless Thea gets over being mad at Ollie and Moira and goes along with the agreement to move the family assets where Isabella can't get to them.  The one bright spot, is that Ollie and the gang have the means to come up with a cure for the Mirakuru that will enable them to hopefully stop Slade and whoever rises to fight alongside him.  What's ahead?

  • RIP Sarah - Until a couple of weeks ago, Laurel was annoying as hell and couldn't get her stuff together; now she's righted herself quite nicely and is getting elevated in the storyline, while slowly fading to the background.  It's not obvious yet, but if you pay close attention to this week's episode, you'll notice that she didn't have a whole lot to say, even though she was there on the island when Dr. Ivo mentioned the cure and knew exactly what Ollie was talking about he brought it up.  In the comics, Laurel was Black Canary and there was no Sarah Lance.  It looks like that may be the case on the show after this season.
  • Broke Ollie? - They're doing this in the comic book now so it wouldn't be a stretch to do it on the show.  The only problem is that Diggle and Felicity are key parts of the team and they can't work for free.  That and any enemies they face after they're done with Slade are going to require some high tech weaponry and intel that will be hard to come by if Ollie's broke.  In the comic they get around this by having Ollie call in favors from ARGUS; he's not an ARGUS guy on the show so that isn't feasible here.
  • Nightwing? - The name Bludhaven was dropped in this week's episode.  Readers of the comics will remember Bludhaven as the city Nightwing operated out of once Dick Grayson left Gotham behind to strike out on his own.   With Batman villain Ra's Al Ghul being name dropped (I think he's the ultimate Big Bad for the series) it's not out of the question for a member of the Bat family to show up to lend a hand later on in the series.
  • Does Slade survive? - I vote maybe.  They've spent two years building him up, so killing him off altogether in a series that is still going on is a little disjointed.  At the same time he's a big enough threat to warrant Ollie and Co. having no choice but to end him when the chance presents itself.  He's been such a great villain that anyone who shows up between him and eventually Ra's will be a major letdown.  Green Arrow doesn't have any real epic enemies in the comic, and they've already eliminated a few of the ones he does have by killing off Count Vertigo and sending Malcolm Merlyn running scared.
Agents of SHIELD

Things are in shambles for our Agents right now; the events of the Captain America film with the Hydra infiltration of SHIELD have spilled over into the series, so SHIELD is labeled a terrorist agency while the men and women who have joined Hydra try to capture as much weaponry and tech they can to further their agenda while Coulson and co. try to piece together the few things they have left to work with and save the day.  And one of their own, Agent Ward is (unknown to them) a Hydra agent.  Ward has played off the kinship he and Skye were developing to sucker her into telling him Coulson's plans and the team's whereabouts while they've been on the run. And at episode's end, Ward had talked his way into the secret base where the team is hiding from Hydra and preparing their next move.  Even though (thanks, movie, tie-in) Capt America and Co. have taken down the main threat from Hydra, the remnants of the organization are still functioning and looking to take over the world.  So what has to be settled in the next few weeks?

  • (Double or Triple?) Agent Ward - For now, Ward is a plant inside of Coulson's team that is really working for Hydra.  He's killed a bunch of SHIELD agents, and has been dispatched by his new boss Agent Garrett (who has been revealed as the Clairvoyant) to take out Skye.  Garrett has put him on the clock before he sends in her version of the Wolf from Pulp Fiction to do the job, because Ward has shown some reticence in taking out Skye.  I don't expect him to take Skye out, but the real question is whether it's because he gets stopped by the good guys or he stops himself.  Let me say that Ward being a triple agent would be a bummer.  He was Mr. Milquetoast as a good guy, and it makes sense for that to be a cover for his real persona.  If this is one big, "I was just playing, guys!" kind of thing, I'm gonna be salty.
  • Does Garret survive? - I guess this is more of a 'Does Hydra make it to next season?' question.  Hydra is a huge organization, and as they say if you cut off one head two sprout up.  I figure if Ward stays bad and doesn't get killed Garrett will live, too.  Ward isn't convincing as the guy in charge of an organization and Garrett is.  Hydra as a whole is not going to go away so it's perfectly feasible to keep Garrett around beyond this season as he makes a great counterpoint to Coulson.
  • Deathlok? - In the comic Deathlok starts bad and turns; that will likely be repeated on film. The question is whether that turn comes before this season ends or later on.  It would be a quick and easy way to mop up the problems facing the team in the next few weeks, but having him as a looming menace for at least some of next season would be a good thing.
The next few weeks should be fun.  Enjoy, everyone!

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