Tuesday, April 29, 2014

They know what they're doing

So we're gonna get the Justice League movie after the Man of Steel sequel, and all of us Comic Book fans are excited.  And as usual, way too much excitement is being expressed in the form of idiotic Nerdrage.  Most Nerdrage is inconsistent, factually dubious, and just plain dumb.  This time is no different.  I went back and forth with several people who said the following in regard to the news about the Justice League Movie:

"They're rushing it"

Uhhh......excuse me?  A Man of Steel sequel dropping in 2016, followed by a Justice League movie in 2018 (I really hope they move it up to 2017) is rushing things?  Now people were just saying that moving Man of Steel 2 to 2016 was a sign that DC/Warner didn't know what they were doing, had no plan, etc.  Now that they've announced their plans......they're rushing.  Come on, man.  If things stick to schedule, that's three movies in five years.  On the other hand, Marvel gave us the following from 2008 through 2014:
  • Three Iron Man movies
  • Two Captain America Movies
  • Two Thor movies
  • One Hulk film
  • One Avengers film
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
That's ten films in six years, and you better believe they didn't map all of that out in 2007.  They absolutely had a plan, but a lot of the latter material was dependent on the success of the earlier films.  The road to the first Avengers film was especially quick.  We went from Iron Man 2 to Captain America to Thor to the Avengers in a two year period. And since then we've gotten Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Cap 2 within less than twelve months of each other.  And no one is complaining about things being rushed on that front.  I guess that's because Marvel has earned our trust, but I don't know.

The substance I've heard behind the 'they're rushing this' premise is flimsy as hell.  The argument is that we need solo films for several of the other characters to establish them on the big screen, then do the Justice League movie.  Uhh.....no.  DC looks like they're going to give us cameos for Cyborg and Wonder Woman in the next film and a heavy supporting role for Batman.  That's the right way to do it. The idea that DC should do solo films for Wonder Woman, Batman (to establish Affleck), Green Lantern (to reboot after the previous Ryan Reynolds flop), Aquaman, Cyborg, etc. is just crazy.   DC has three insanely popular and well known characters - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  After that......there aren't many who are known to non comic book readers.  If you don't believe ask a laymen if they know who Cyborg or Martian Manhunter is.  At least not well enough to justify a near $200 million budget and the risk that comes with it.  Remember, these movies are not just for comic book heads.  Nobody went to see the Avengers for Hawkeye, or to Cap 2 for Falcon.  Cyborg and the Flash are not going to sell the Justice League movie.  A successful, kickass Justice League movie can, however, result in interest for solo films for those guys afterward.  The movie business is a business first, and for the DC the guaranteed money is in the Big 3 - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  Just let them do their thing, support the product, and you can get what you want.

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