Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TV Musings

OK, the TV season has kicked off and we're getting even more good stuff starting tonight with the Flash and tomorrow with the return of Arrow.  We're also three weeks into Gotham and two weeks into Agents of SHIELD season two.  And on the animated side, Star Wars - Rebels awaits us in a couple of weeks.  So what do I think so far?



So far, so good here as far as I'm concerned.  I like what they're doing with Gordon, Bullock, and the rest of the Police Department.  Young Selina Kyle has been done well; her character has been a plus during the time she's gotten onscreen.  I dig the future Penguin also; his evil ambitions and overall creepiness have been on display in good form.  I would like to see a little less Bruce Wayne; I have no beef with the actor or anything but too much Wayne too fast is going to have people clamoring for a fast forward to him suiting up as the Dark Knight, which I think is a bad move.  The series is supposed to be about Gordon and the Gotham police; the closer we get to Batman appearing the more people will want it to just get there already.  The casting was extremely well done and that helps overcome the occasional clunky line here and there.  I've cooled off a little on Fish Mooney but if they give her more emphasis later I'll be fine. 

I'm glad they didn't give us anymore Edward Nygma this week, and that they've kept Ivy Pepper (later to be Poison Ivy) away since the pilot.  There's plenty of time to work them in more. The story right now is focusing on Penguin and Kyle and they don't need to crowd things with an obligatory five minute spot for either of them, or any other future famous Gothamites.  The season is only 13 episodes, which is a good thing in my book.  Considering that this isn't an open ended story like Arrow and Flash and we know where it will end we don't need any attempts to keep it afloat for 10 full season like they did with Smallville.  I'd prefer a nice, tight, four or five season of a dozen episodes.

Agents of SHIELD

I don't have a whole lot to say here.  The reports of the show having improved are spot on in my book.  For the time being they are free of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so they can go full steam ahead with action, plot twists, and the like.  That may likely change as we hit the second half of the season and get closer to Avengers: Age of Ultron but this time around they can get a lot of goodness in first.  There have been some misleading stories about the show's ratings and how they are putting the show in peril of not being renewed beyond this season; the reality is that the same day rating are down but air date-plus three numbers are good.  People under the age of 40 do not watch shows live on their original air date like they used to so the DVR rating have to be taken into account when measuring the viewership for a show with Agents' target audience. 

When reading stories like the one about Agents' ratings you have to remember that it's hunting season for bad news about Superhero-related movies and television shows.  The critics and hipster writers have had their fill and desperately want to move on to something else, and the pre-haters among the Superhero fan crowd love to read stories bashing the shows and movies they feel have failed their vision of how the books should be adapted.  These are the same people who go around saying Amazing Spider 2 failed with a $700 million worldwide gross.  Don't mind them and don't click on their stories; you're wasting your time for doing so.  Keep watching Agents if you like it, and don't worry about what anyone else says.  The show is good; screw the haters.


Star Wars Rebels

So far we just got the pilot episode, a one hour mini-movie.  I liked it a lot.  I like that we're getting entirely new characters and not the same ones we're used to.  As good as Clone Wars was, it didn't hold my attention well because it was focused primarily on people we already know about - Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, etc.  As long as they keep it original I don't see the same problem here.  It's time for new blood in the Star Wars universe; I won't mind seeing Han, luke, and company in Episode Seven but if we're going to deal with stories taking place before the fall of the Empire then keep it new and fresh.  You want to do a young Han Solo drop in for an episode that's fine but I don't need anyone I've seen a million times already getting a spot as a regular on this show.  Again, I enjoyed the pilot.  We got some action, some lightsaber work, and no carbon copies of old characters.  I'll be checking this one out going forward.

That's it so far, folks.  I'll check in again after Flash and Arrow.

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