Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hanging up the tights?

There were some names kicked around recently that may be gone from WWE soon due to their contracts being up and where they are in their lives/careers.  Aside from CM Punk, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, and Rey Mysterio have been rumored to be walking away once their deals are up.  Should they stay or go, and if they go what do we say about their careers?

Christian - If he's healthy he should stick around.  Of course being healthy has been a problem for several years.  All those spears and chairshots in TLC matches have clearly taken a toll.  While he can still go in the ring and put on good matches with just about anyone, he could very well be tired and worn out and ready to either part-time it or shut it down altogether.  From the looks of things, he's probably staying.  He just pulled a heel turn against Sheamus and will likely be in a Wrestlemania match against him.  There's no point in doing that for a guy who's out in a few months.  (Of course this is a pro wrestling creative team we're talking about here; making sense is not a prerequisite)  So given that it looks like the creative team still wants to use him and he's not that old (40), as long as he wants to keep working he should.

As far as his career, he is what he is.  A secondary title holder who, at this point, is good for a build up and title match against a current champion or a short run with the Intercontinental or U.S. Titles.  He's never going to be WWE World Champion; if the powers that be thought he was of that caliber then he would have held the belt already.  He's had a damn good career; 16 years in the big leagues, every title except the WWE strap and a number of awesome matches in tag team and singles competition.  Like his frequent partner Edge, he's been in a crapload of great, exciting matches with a variety of people and you don't even realize it.  He should walk right into the WWE Hall of Fame when he's done.

Alberto Del Rio - Del Rio is a few years younger that Christian (37 this year), and is generally healthier.  But his home is in Mexico, where he worked for several years and was a big star before coming up north to WWE.  Home may come calling and be too promising to pass up to wind down his career.  He's kind of running in place right now; his WWE Title days are probably done for the time being and he's come too far to settle for secondary titles now.  He could probably get back in the WWE Title picture after all the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton/Batista business peters out, but that could be a while.  This would be as good a time as any to move on and I wouldn't blame him for doing so.

He's had one of the best runs of any superstar in recent memory, especially considering the short time he's actually been in WWE (2010 to now).  He won Money in the Bank and cashed in to win the WWE Title in 2011.  He won it a second time in 2011, and won the World Title twice (in 2012 and 2013).  He also won the 2011 Royal Rumble.  That's a hell of a record.  His run might be too short to warrant a Hall of Fame induction but if he leaves after four years then that is hands down the best run at the top without any major dropoff in years.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. - Mysterio will be 40 years old this December, but he might as well be 55 given the way his body has broken down.  He seems to be injured half the time and when he is in the ring he's often limited to tag team matches because he just can't go for any long period of time in a singles match.  His moveset has shrunk to a few greatest hits, and he's had a few suspensions for wellness violations.  Rumor is that he may go back to Mexico and work for a organization run by his longtime friend Konnan.  He should go, unless Vince throws a crapload of money at him to stay (which could happen if his merchandise is still selling well).

Rey is a sure Hall of Famer.  He's held every title there is to hold and has nothing to apologize for.  He's thrilled fans in the U.S. since 1996 and been involved in some excellent matches.  Go in peace, Ray and play out the string with your friends.

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